Builders temporary supply

Builders temporary power supply (BTS)

If you are working on a building or construction project, you may need to organise a (BTS) builders temporary power supply.

A builders temporary power supply is power for building or construction work. BTS is not available for leisure or as a general power supply.

KE Electrical Warkworth electricians have 25 years of experience installing builders temporary power supply all over Auckland & surrounding areas. If you are planning a new build or a construction project requiring power onsite, we can streamline the process communicating with the network provider and your energy retailer on your behalf, making the whole process a lot quicker easier.

In most modern development sites, this process is reasonably straight forward.


Builders temporary box installs

A builders temporary power supply is often installed at the existing boundary supply underground pit (TUD) or above-ground plinth. This can be arranged by the property owner however I recommend getting us involved in case there are any problems, we can quickly deal with them for you. The costs associated with this are relatively low. Contact KE Electrical for a free quotation.

Builders Temporary Box BTS
In some cases, there can be more to consider. For example,

Is there currently any power available at the boundary from the network provider Vector, North Power? If not, how do I organise a design & quote? And how much will the network charge for provision to my site? If you find yourself in this situation network upgrades and provisioning of new sites can often quickly become quite expensive. It is not uncommon for the network provider to request transformer capacity upgrades when there is a shortfall at the power lines. We recommend contacting KE Electrical to organise a design and quote on your behalf. We can look at your project and calculate maximum demand requirements & communicate with the network design & quote team. Once that is established, you will have a better picture of your overall connection costs and peace of mind regarding any hidden surprises from the network.

You also need to know if the builders temporary power supply is going to connect directly up the pole, or is it connecting to an underground pit, or an above-ground plinth? Cable selection may vary depending on installation requirements.

Is it going to save me money to install the builders temporary power supply close to the building site? This is often the case when the build site is too far from the boundary supply to safely provide power to the site via extension cords. If this is the case, then you may consider underground mains being installed to the build site and livened as temporary power supply, once the framing is up and closed in it can be converted to a permanent main building supply within the new metering/distribution box.

At this time, if you open a service trench KE Electrical can install all other relevant conduits for additional services required such as phone lines, garden lighting, or gate automation, all within the mains trench. See our page on mains cabling. We will discuss with you the benefit of engaging other trades to utilise the service trench such as water, gas, fibre, etc.

Carefully planning the build process & thinking ahead can save you money in the long run.

Typically, you can expect to be provisioned with max temporary capacity of 32Amp 1 Phase supply domestic or 63Amp 3 Phase commercial/industrial. It would take approximately 4-6 weeks for the network & retailer to create an ICP number & to allocate a slot to install a builders temporary power supply meter to your site

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