Mains cable installation

Mains cable installation in Warkworth

If you are planning to install a mains cable to your building site, KE Electricians can provide you with a free site visit to discuss feasibility and how the process works. We can supply a free quotation. If the quotation is accepted, we can quickly organise your mains cable installation. In most cases mains cables are installed in a common underground service trench along side other utilities like water, gas, fibre, etc. Less common methods include aerial lines or under ground thrusting where digging isn’t an option. We will organise with the network provider & energy retailer to create an ICP (Installation Control Point) number. We will then install your builders temporary power supply or main meter/switchboard to supply power to your project.


Mains cabling Warkworth

Investigating mains cabling options

When organising & supplying mains cable to be installed at a site, we first look into whether there are any supply lines nearby (and whether the network has existing capacity for connecting the proposed building). This is a fairly simple process.

For a more rural build site, we advise giving KE Electrical electricians a call to do a free site visit to discuss with you any specific details relating to your project. We contact the network provider on your behalf to discuss specifics related to a design and quote. It’s not necessarily worth moving forward with the cable installation until this has been verified. The network will not automatically give you what you want if there isn’t existing capacity at the lines or if an incorrect cable has been installed.

Mains cable installs

Other mains cabling factors to consider:

Cable selection – Many factors dictate the cable selection & this is obviously imperative to getting things right. When choosing cable selection, you must consider…

Sizing (max demand), length (voltage drop) & current carrying capacity, number of phases, copper or aluminium, mechanical protection methods as set out in wiring rules.

Cable installation – A common trench for all incoming services including mains cable installation can save money & provide a common service location. Additional services may include water, gas, fibre, gate power, driveway / landscape lighting. Minimum separation distances between services in the trench are required within the wiring rules. Power delivered to site once the mains cable installation is completed.

KE Electrical will install either a builders temporary power supply or a mains meter box & distribution board to supply power to your property. We provide free site visits for mains cable installation in areas such as Warkworth, Ahuroa, Puhoi, Mangawhai, Makarau, Omaha, Matakana, Tomarata, Orewa, Millwater, Silverdale, Dairy flat & surrounding areas. Contact us today to get started.

Mains cabling in Warkworth