Home ventilation systems

Home ventilation systems

Talk to KE Electrical Warkworth electricians to discuss your unique home layout and how we can improve the air quality to your home.

Damp and humid conditions here in Auckland can cause all sorts of trouble in your home. Condensation builds up resulting in moisture and mildew being the primary concern. Poorly ventilated homes feel damp and cold. Our Auckland climate makes it difficult to open doors and windows.


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The benefits of good ventilation

If your home suffers from condensation, residential ventilation systems are the answer.

Ventilation systems circulate fresh air throughout your home which makes for a healthier living environment. Ventilation systems reduce the risk of being infected by viruses, mouldy ceilings and walls or respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

Contacting KE Electrical Warkworth electricians to install residential ventilation systems may be one of the best home improvements you make.


Remove condensation with good home ventilation

How KE Electrical can help

Areas such as bathrooms and kitchens contribute to large amounts of moisture building up. Gas heaters, cooking and even breathing create moisture and dampness. This is where a residential ventilation system can help!

Positive pressure ventilation systems (most common) receive fresh dry air into your home via the roof space or externally through an external vent. The air is filtered before it is passed into the house. This introduced fresh clean air forces out the existing damp stale air which is responsible for the condensation. This improves the quality of the air in your home.

Extraction fans and rangehoods are a great way to pull large amounts of moisture directly from a source. These are essential in high moisture areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

Largely the installation requirements of ventilation systems are within the ceiling cavity, so there is very little disruption to your living space. Installation is relatively quick and can take from a couple of hours to approximately a day depending on the systems you choose.

KE Electrical can install residential ventilation systems tailored to your space to remove excess moisture and improve the overall air quality and health of your home. Call us today!

Home ventilation solutions
Home ventilation solutions Warkworth

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