Lighting design

Lighting design specialists, Warkworth

Good lighting design has the ability to transform the way a space is perceived & how it feels. You can cleverly create spaces that are fit for purpose. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, residential lighting or commercial lighting, KE Electrical licenced electricians offer lighting design in the Warkworth area, giving you the peace of mind you are in expert hands.

Enhance your space with the right lighting

With clever planning and the correct choice of lighting solution, you will be able to achieve atmospheres that suit the intended purpose of each individual room or space of your home or building.

The person installing your lighting should be concerned with functionality, mood, aesthetics, colour rendering, light levels & safety. That’s where we are able to help!

Custom light solutions from KE Electrical

Which lighting design is right for me?

There are many different spaces which all have different uses. It is important to install the correct light for the room. Call your Warkworth based lighting professional to discuss your requirements!

Interior lights

Interior lighting

A living room or place of relaxation can prioritise beautiful, warm mood lighting while still providing enough light to watch tv or to read a book. Kitchens & workspaces, on the other hand, need a lot of bright lighting. With correct lighting & the right light fitting this is achievable, while maintaining other important factors such as anti-glare & colour rendering.

Outdoor lighting installer Warkworth

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is also an important aspect of the overall design to consider as it can enhance the natural landscape and shift the eye past an internal window at night providing a greater view to the outdoor space.

Commercial lighting solutions Warkworth

Commercial lighting

Some applications rely heavily on the most natural lighting available. For example, hair salons colouring hair, art studios or any place looking for a light fitting that can render rich, natural colours, enhancing skin, surfaces and textiles to provide excellent visual clarity.

KE Electrical offers a wide range of lighting solutions:

  • Energy efficient lighting solutions LED
  • Lighting design
  • Security lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Lighting automation
  • Professional lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • Solar lighting
Did You Know?
Lighting accounts for


of the electricity used in an average New Zealand home. When considering a lighting setup – especially using LED fixtures – it can be designed to provide appropriate lighting levels while using energy efficiently.