CCTV home security systems

CCTV home security systems

KE Electrical are your local Warkworth, Puhoi, Ahuroa electricians for all CCTV home security systems including hard wired CCTV cameras & security lighting. Alternatively, we can install wireless camera and doorbell systems.

All our CCTV home security systems & security lighting products are sourced from NZ suppliers with trusted brands who stand by their products and provide consumer warranties.

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Get peace of mind with your home security

KE Electrical CCTV home security systems give you peace of mind, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on your property, family or pets when you are not around.

Installing a home CCTV security system is an excellent option to deter potential threats. A well-positioned camera capturing the driveway and the front door lets people approaching your home know that nothing goes unseen on your property.

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CCTV and security lighting

CCTV combined with security lighting activated by motion removes any advantage or element of surprise intruders thought they might have.

You can also use cameras to monitor the interior areas of your home or business.

KE Electrical electricians in Warkworth will give you a FREE home security assessment to help identify your unique security needs and develop the best configuration for your cameras and alarms. Whether you’re looking for a complete solution which captures all areas of your property or if you’re just looking for a specific area to target, KE Electrical can get it set up for you with ease.

Our CCTV home security system and security lighting installers are registered electricians who will get the job done quickly and ensure everything is compliant and working correctly.

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Peace of mind with home security

Top tips to increase your home security:

Lock doors and windows

Install CCTV home security systems such as alarms and cameras. Install security lighting

Add a deadbolt & reinforce sliding doors
Keep spare keys in a lock box
Don’t overshare on social media. Many burglars use social media to source targets
CCTV home security installation Warkworth

Want to make sure your home is fully protected by CCTV home security systems?